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  • Private Charter

    Whether you’ve got a meeting in New York that you just can’t be late for or you want to whisk your family away for a couple of days in the Bahamas, you’ll appreciate the care and attention to detail that 17 years of private jet charter experience can offer you.

  • Fly Whenever

    Unlike most other private jet charter companies, Jetport owns its planes. What does that mean for you? While our competition is scrambling to find you space on a jet it doesn’t own, we can have you onboard and on your way without having to request permission from anyone. That means that as long as a jet is available, you can fly whenever you like.

  • Customized Experience

    When it comes to our private jet charter service, we work directly with you to streamline and customize each experience and make it truly effortless.

Here are 12 powerful reasons to choose Jetport:

Personalized executive class private jet charter service

Concierge service – one call and it’s taken care of

No Delays – on your time and on your schedule

Straight from the curb departure – direct car-to-plane access

Short notice flight availability

No airport lineups, check-in and security lines

North American access to over 6,000 airports not serviced by major airlines

Global reach with long range capabilities

Maximum confidentiality and privacy

First class executive terminals (FBOs) providing utmost privacy

No prior owner approval required – fully owned aircraft

Fleet of private jets well outfitted for both work and pleasure

Our versatile fleet consists of aircraft that put any destination within your reach.


The mid-size Gulfstream 100 is designed to fly far and fast. It’s capable of flying trans-continental distances non-stop.

Flights from Toronto to Los Angeles, Halifax to Barbados, and Hamilton to Bogota are more than within reach for this nimble aircraft. Although it has a mid-size cabin, it performs like a large-cabin private jet.

The heavy Bombardier Challenger 604 or 605 is our most spacious jet capable of carrying up to 12 passengers and considerable baggage. Its intercontinental range onboard WiFi* and the extremely low cabin noise levels make the Challenger a favourite among our clients.


*Challenger 605 only.


We are deeply committed to that you travel comfortably, arrive on time and in style. Plus, you’ll save hours of travel time by not having to stand in customs or, security lines and adhere to major airline schedules.


Inquire about our Custom Charter Advantage Program: this is the closest you can get to owning a jet without all the costs of ownership. You benefit from reduced pricing and discounted hourly rates, actual costs on landing fees, handling fees, and much more.

Make Jetport your exclusive private jet charter company today and you’ll quickly learn what all of our satisfied clients already know, “Once you fly with Jetport, you’ll keep on coming back.”