Your jet is fueled and ready. Jetport’s Custom Charter Advantage Program is the closest you can get to owning a plane without the cost of ownership!


Make one call, get to the airport and take off to the skies comfortably on a jet that might as well be yours. As a jet setter, you may be familiar with the benefits of the jet charter experience. However, when you try to find a jet, you scramble from company to company or via a broker to fly on someone else’s jet; that’s if they give you permission to use it, and at prices that change frequently, and little or no consistency when it comes to crew or aircraft.


Here is the difference: Jetport owns its jets. Why is this important? Because you don’t need any one’s permission to use a jet if it’s available. What sets Jetport apart is the Custom Charter Advantage Program. Whether you’re frequently flying for business or pleasure, your time advantage can be customized with your needs and flexibility in mind. You will fly with highly trained crew you trust on a jet that you’ll be so familiar with, you’ll feel at home.


Here are 12 reasons that set Jetport’s Jet Charter Block-Time Advantage apart:

  • Personal prepaid account of 25, 50 or 100 block time hours
  •  Discounted hourly rates
  •  Actual billed costs*
  • Streamlined quoting and payment
  •  Personalized profile of you and your guests is kept to make every flight truly your own
  •  Access to any of our versatile aircraft in the fleet
  •  No penalty for withdrawing unused balance should you change your mind
  •  Pay only for what you fly and use. No term limit
  •  Owner’s approval not required on aircraft. Jetport owns the planes
  •  All the benefits of ownership without any of the burdens
  •  Familiar crew and flight coordinators looking after your every preference
  •  Long layover availability

Your hourly rate discount can be greater with a larger block time purchase. You may extend access of your account to friends, family or business associates.

Our dedicated team of flight coordinators will work behind the scenes ensuring your every request is fulfilled. They will coordinate with our local as well as destination contacts arranging everything from catering to car service and are just one phone call away.
You will become a member of our exclusive group of loyal and long standing jet charter clients who have continued to renew their block time purchase for well over a decade. Call now to find out how we can customize your exclusive Charter Advantage Program.